Your Custom Corporate Technical Training Partner

We Help Your Employees Use Company Technology So They Can Do Their Job Better

  • 1 In less time than it previously took.
  • 2 With more effective training.
  • 3 While saving your organization tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • 4 Providing more success, value, and happiness in their job.

Cut Training Time In Less Than Half

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Less Wasted Time

The less time staff spends in training, the more time they spend doing their work. That means less time wasted while knowing how to use technology better.

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No More Train Brain

Ever been in a four-hour training? Your brain goes numb and you stop learning. Less time in training means no more train brain.

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Cut Training Time

With our digital training solutions, clients have reported a reduction in training time while being more successful.

Employees spend less time in training while increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

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We Make Training More Effective

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Spaced Learning

When training is spaced out over time rather than crammed into one huge chunk, it's more effective. Important information is reinforced over time and learned better.

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Less Is More

Technical training that's more focused and concise will help employees focus on what's important. An hour training session is too much, it's impossible to focus and learn for that long.

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More With Less

No digital training session we design is more than 30 minutes. If it has to be, we figure out a way to break it up into something more manageable.

Digital training solutions work better, can be more focused, and help everyone learn better while saving their sanity.

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Save Your Organization Money

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Time = Money

Less time in training means less money spent on unproductive tasks that can really add up. If 5,000 employees spend 30 minutes instead of an hour in training, think about how much money that saves. At $32/hour (approx. US average), that could be a savings of $80,000!


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Less Training Expenses

Trainers cost money. Removing people from their work costs money. Catering costs money. Do away with all of that while increasing staff satisfaction.

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Helpdesk Savings

Improve the effectiveness of the IT helpdesk while requiring less staff. When staff is better trained on technology, they call the helpdesk less.

Good technical training is an effective cost-saving initiative that not only improves staff satisfaction, but it also saves the organization money while doing it.

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More Successful Projects, More Value

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The Know-How To Wow

When people know how to use technology then IT looks good. That means projects are more successful with good technical training.

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Improved Reputation

If you leave staff to fumble with new tech and learn on their own, IT gets a bad reputation. With good training, employees are more receptive to technological changes.

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Deliver More Value

Technology needs to be successful to reach its full potential of adding value to the organization. Good technical training is essential for technology to succeed and deliver value to the organization.

Technology projects are more successful and deliver more value to the organization when staff can effectively use the technology.

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How We Deliver These Training Results

We deliver these results and more with innovative methods of digital training. When we work together, we'll get to know your requirements in order to find the right solution to help your technical projects launch successfully with amazing training.

The goal is always for technology to be so intuitive that training isn't needed. Unfortunately, every employee is different and what's intuitive for one isn't for another.

We design digital training solutions for ALL employees. That means our goal is to help your next technical project be successful with proper support for staff to work better.

These are some of the digital training solutions we deliver to save your organization money and make your next project a massive success.

We'd love to discuss your project and how our digital training solutions will help your employees work better and save your organization time and money.


Let employees go at their own pace and learn when fits their busy schedule. Self-paced courses are the perfect format for busy employees.


Short videos are an effective way for some topics that can stand on their own. Video is the quintessential microlearning format that modern learning revolves around.

Performance Support

Because nobody can remember everything, especially when taking a 15-30 minute course, job aids, quick reference guides, and more are good memory aids for those not-so-common yet important tasks.

In-App Support

We work with Pendo to implement training inside the application. It helps employees use your software better with guided tours and easy-to-find support no matter where they are in your app.