Contextual Help

There's nothing better than learning in the flow of work. And that's exactly what contextual help excels at. We're experts at working with Pendo, a popular digital adoption platform (DAP) to deliver top-notch training directly in the applications your employees use most.

Whether you want to work with us to develop onboarding or a training system in your app, or you want to integrate Pendo into your app, we can help you!

Our specialty is developing the best training possible and contextual help is sometimes the best option. Imagine when employees a struggling to perform a task and they can click the question mark or help menu right on the screen. From there they can search for help and open a guide that walks them through solving their problem.

That's help in the flow of work when they need it and where they need it whether you call it contextual help, contextual support, in-app help, or in-app support.

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More Than Just Help

Contextual help isn't just contextual help. It can do a whole lot more to help your software launches be more successful. These are a few of the things we've used Pendo for to support application launches and help.

  • Show employees how to do what they need to do with in-app walkthroughs.
  • Provide helpful context for employees where it's the most helpful.
  • Launch chat and other help when support isn't available on a needed topic.
  • Provide videos or help articles right in the software instead of making employees hunt for help.
  • Collect feedback directly in the application.
  • Accelerate software adoption by easing employees in with proper support.
  • And as many other uses for the tool as there are needs.
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Contextual Help Questions and Answers

We tried to predict some of the common questions you might have about contextual help and preemptively answer them.

If you have a question that is not here, you can either check out the general questions and answers or even contact us to ask your own question.

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Integrate Pendo

The first place to start with contextual help is to get a demo from Pendo. They can help you figure out the right plan and how to integrate it. Once you're all integrated with your software, we can work with you to roll out guides, walkthroughs, and a help center into your software.