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Digital Training Solutions

Custom eLearning Development

Our custom eLearning development process is thorough and performance-oriented. Learn how we take your requirements and turn them into effective training to help your employees learn on their time and better.

Training Videos

There's a reason YouTube and TikTok are so popular. It's because videos are a popular way to learn some things because they're quick and easy to access, focused on one task, and can save you a whole lot of reading. They're even versatile because they can be part of a bigger training solution or even embedded in eLearning.

Performance Support

Videos and eLearning are powerful tools for employee training but sometimes performance support does the job faster and cheaper. Performance support is a great way to offer topic-driven support to employees that they can use directly on the job.

Contextual Help

Whether you have consumer-facing or employee-facing software, contextual help supports employees in the flow of work. It can offer walkthroughs, onboarding, tooltips, and more to show people how to do tasks right in the tool. They're one of the most powerful and versatile forms of performance support.

Instructional Design Consulting

We're always here to support your company's technical projects with innovative and effective training solutions. Whether you need us for a few hours or if your project needs an ongoing instructional design consultant, we're here to help your employees through change with successful training.

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Custom Company Software Training Solutions

We've built custom software training solutions for custom company software in the following SaaS providers and more. The way each organization uses software is unique which is why we tailor training solutions to their employee's workflow, goals, and culture.

Learn how we save an organization thousands every year with a custom software training solution.