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About techstructional

Why We Do What We Do

Large companies have teams of instructional designers working in learning & development. There's a reason for that. Good ones are highly effective at improving performance and efficiency while increasing morale and growth in the company.

A well-trained workforce is a happy and productive workforce.

Every successful technology rollout in your organization relies on successful training.

We give you the same corporate IT training resources that big companies have available. That means more success for your next technical project.

Whether you need an expert extra hand who's experienced with large technology training projects or want regular learning & development support, we've got your back.

We are master-level, degreed, experienced, and successful corporate instructional designers ready to help your technology project succeed with user-centered learning experience design.

We Specialize In Corporate Technical Training And

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Who's Behind The Company

Nick is a Senior Instructional Designer in the IT Learning & Development department at DaVita. Developing training for IT rollouts including new applications, updates, and filling training gaps.

SaaS as well as old-school applications.

Motto: Keep It Simple, Silly. A reputation for doing the hard work to get to the root of the problem and presenting the right solution. And doing all of this with a focus on workplace performance.

Brought in on difficult projects with difficult SMEs to create the right solution that balances training, communications, and problem-solving.

Senior Instructional Designer
Learning & Development
Developing Training
Information Technology
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Why else are we qualified?

Just in case you need a little more, we have endless reasons why we have the right experience to excel at any project.

You can learn more about Nick's specific experience in IT and Learning & Development on his LinkedIn profile.

Nick has worked nearly a decade in DaVita's IT Learning & Development department, a team that the entire company comes to as the expert in L&D and of course technical training.

On contract, Nick worked on a few Artisan eLearning projects for translations and more including their award-winning JLG training.