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Questions and Answers

Whatever questions you have about our training solutions, working with us, Instructional Design, IT training in general, or whatever we're here for you.

If we don't have the answers for you, we'll answer them for you if you send us a message. We will do our best to answer your question and if it's not a unique question to you, we'll likely post it here.

This will become a place for not only questions and answers but frequently asked questions (FAQ). We could have named it that to start but let's face it, nobody's asking these questions that much because you don't know what you don't know. That's why we're here! To answer your questions and help your IT projects succeed in the rest of your organization.

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The Questions And Answers

We're here to help answer your questions about our IT training solutions. But we're also here to answer any questions you have at all about training, especially for training employees about projects your IT department is deploying.

Do you do live or virtual instructor led training?

No, for most technical training, instructor-led training is not an effective way to train employees. Making everyone gather at a specific time and take a full hour of their day to listen to someone speak is a burden that is not worth the gains.

The training we develop typically takes less than 30 minutes which is the most anyone can handle at once. When more is needed we are able to present the content in chunks which allows for more effective learning and also enable us to take advantage of spaced learning when needed.

Virtual instructor-led training typically requires a much longer session than self-paced learning and is difficult to condense into more meaningful and impactful content.

There are better solutions to training that consider busy schedules, limited ability to focus, and the need for revisiting training as necessary. We focus on the most effective methods of training employees for technical topics.

We wrote an article about why we don't do instructor-led training in case you're interested in learning more.

Do you come to our location to work with us on our project?

No, we are a solely remote team that is more efficient and better at supporting your organization virtually. We don't offer any in-person solutions for training. This is due to the fact that we are firm believers in self-paced learning and resource-driven and self-guided learning too. That means we develop training resources to support your IT project deployments through computers and on your employee's schedules.

We don't develop virtual instructor-led training, in-person classes, or any of those types of training. There are many organizations that specialize in that type of training if that is what you require.

We will meet with you virtually until the completion of your project to make sure it's successfully deployed. We're always available to meet with you virtually to make sure you're supported as well as your teammates with their training.

That might mean that we continue to work with you after the training is launched to make sure the training is successful and effective. All of this can be done effectively remotely. Your specific project and requirements will decide the level of engagement you need after the project is fully developed and launched.

Do I need all the content ready to go to work with you?

Definitely not. While sometimes you may know exactly what your IT project needs, most of the time we don't expect you to even know the solution needed.

On most projects, we work from absolutely nothing but an idea and develop the right solution for you or at least give you a good direction if training isn't the answer. Sometimes a project requires change from the old way of doing things to the new but other times it's as simple as communication on your part. Managing organization-wide changes from IT can be difficult for some people, so we also don't want your employees to feel unloved and uncared for.

You bring the knowledge of your organization and project and we'll bring the needs analysis. Then we'll work with you to develop the content. Sometimes a very rough PowerPoint is helpful with topics you think are important, other times we just go through a demo with the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to learn the content that we need.

Will the training you develop fit our brand?

Everything we do will be built for you, completely custom. That means we will develop it to follow your brand guidelines and match what already comes from your organization.

If you already have a document you use for paper documents, we'll match it to make sure what we develop looks as if it came from you, not us.

That means we'll need your brand guidelines before we begin. Logos, color codes, fonts, etc. will all be required for us to be sure we can fit your training to your brand.

If you don't have any brand guidelines and don't want it to match anything, we can also make it look really nice on its own.

We specialize in not just great IT training and training design in general, we're designers at heart which means visual design too.

Will your content work on our system including our LMS?

We can publish everything we build for you in modern formats that are accepted by most modern LMSs. For eLearning courses, we can publish your content in SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, AICC, and even xAPI (aka Tin Can API). We will work with you to make sure what we develop is compatible and in the proper format for your LMS. That might involve doing some testing or sifting through your documentation.

If you don't have an LMS (yup, we've worked with clients without them!) then we can even publish your course into plain old files. As long as you have a server to host the course and accept a structured folder with all the course files, it will likely work just fine. Of course, you won't have any tracking with this method but it still works.

For other documents that aren't courses, we got you there too. PDF is the global standard but if you need anything else, we'll see what we can do for you! If you have questions, we're always an email or phone call away.

Pretty much whatever modern format you need content published in, we got you. For videos, that's likely mp4 but we can handle many other formats too including publishing directly to an HTML page or even SCORM!

the only type of training solution we can't really do a lot with is in-app support. That's all built into a platform and stuck in that platform. Of course, it's a platform that you'll own so exporting it isn't really an issue.

Do your training solutions work on mobile?

We're a pretty modern company that designs training for a pretty modern world. We realize not everybody's super modern, though. With that said, yes most of the training we develop can absolutely work on a mobile device. That means smartphones, tablets, or whatever necessary.

During the initial analysis phase of your project, we'll decide what the best approach is and how any content should be developed. If you have a mobile workforce then we're going to absolutely focus on developing content for them on a mobile device. If your workforce is mobile then that will help direct not only the solutions for training but every part of the training.

Courses may not be the best solution for a mobile workforce, but we can develop courses to work on mobile devices if we find it necessary. In fact, most courses CAN be used on a mobile device, it's just not always a practical way to consume a course.

We can even develop training content that's mobile-responsive. That means it will look great no matter what device people see it on.

We'll work with you to figure out the best approach and solution, though. There's nothing fixed but know that what we develop can be used on a mobile device.

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