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Instructional Design Consulting

Instructional Design Consulting

Sometimes you need an expert instructional design consultant, eLearning consultant, or training consultant for a project. We're technical training consultant experts here to support you with expertise that is sure to move training for your technical projects in the right direction.

Our expert instructional design consultants are here to work with you and your team to create world-class learning experiences.

Instructional Design Support on Retainer

Training is a process and can never be finished. That's why we offer affordable retainers so you can have priority access to skilled instructional designers to support your projects. You get full access to instructional design support to design training, consult on your projects, or whatever else that will help your IT project succeed with best-in-class training support.

We're here to help your technology project succeed with innovative technical training solutions.

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Training Support Questions and Answers

We tried to predict some of the common questions you might have about the training support we offer and preemptively answer them.

If you have a question that is not here, you can either check out the general questions and answers or even contact us to ask your own question.

What exactly is training support?

You might need extra resources on a project or perhaps you need a professional available on retainer. We offer both with our training support solutions.

You can either pay for instructional design resources by the hour or keep us on retainer so the same resources are always available to you, and you get priority access for any of your projects or needs.

With retainer solutions, you always get priority access to all consulting services within your retainer hours. The more hours in your retainer, the better the deal you get per hour.

How much does training support cost?

Hourly is more expensive than retainer by the hour and we can't guarantee you priority service. Our hourly rates for instructional design consulting, eLearning, and other training are between $200 and $250 per hour. That price depends on the job requirement, which we will let you know beforehand.

For retainer work, we have retainer fees that vary between $1,800 and $8,800 per month or beyond if you'd like something custom. With a retainer, you’re guaranteed priority support with a certain number of hours available at your disposal each month.

Do you come to our site for projects?

Unfortunately, techstructional is an entirely remote organization. We can support you entirely virtually via Microsoft Teams or the preferred platform that you provide. All of the solutions we provide and our consulting too can be provided seamlessly online.

We are determined to exceed your expectations however we work together. Working remotely allows us to be more available and dedicated to your project. We’re available to a flaw like we don’t even sleep but I assure you we do.

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Let Us Support Your Training & Performance Efforts

We'd love to discuss supporting your organization’s training and supporting the ongoing success of your organization. There's no better way to support your staff than by investing in their future with top-notch instructional design consultants for training support.

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Need Something A Bit More Substantial?

If you need more than a short consultation, we got you covered. Schedule a longer one-off session by the hour for instructional design consulting, eLearning, and general learning & development questions. We’ll answer your questions and seek to provide guidance for any problem you’re running into.

You got questions, we got answers.