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In-App Help

There's nothing better than learning in the flow of work. And that's exactly what in-app support excels at. We're experts at working with Pendo to deliver top-notch training directly in the applications your employees use most.

Whether you just want to work with us to develop onboarding or a training system in your app or you want to integrate Pendo into your app, we can help you!

Our specialty is developing the best training possible and in-app support is sometimes the best option. Imagine when employees a struggling to perform a task and they can click the question mark or help menu right on the screen. From there they can search for help and open a guide that walks them through solving their problem.

That's help in the flow of work when they need it and where they need it.

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More Than Just Help

In-app help isn't just in-app help. It can do a whole lot more to help your software launches be more successful. These are a few of the things we've used Pendo for to support application launches and help.

  • Show employees how to do what they need to do with in-app walkthroughs.
  • Provide helpful context for employees where it's the most helpful.
  • Launch chat and other help when support isn't available on a needed topic.
  • Provide videos or help articles right in the software instead of making employees hunt for help.
  • Collect feedback directly in the application.
  • Accelerate software adoption by easing employees in with proper support.
  • And as many other uses for the tool as there are needs.
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In-App Support Questions and Answers

We tried to predict some of the common questions you might have about in-app support and preemptively answer them.

If you have a question that is not here, you can either check out the general questions and answers or even contact us to ask your own question.

How long does it take to develop in-app support?

That entirely depends on the number of guides, if a help center is needed, and what the goal of the in-app support is. Once the application has been integrated into your application, we will begin working with you on your requirements and goals to get everything laid out. That will give us a better basis for telling you how long it will take.

The complexity of required guides can determine the time it takes also. A safe bet to get in-app support off the ground is three to six months. That might not be fully developed but a tiered approach is sufficient in most cases. These are all things we will discuss with you when we work together.

How much does an in-app support cost?

The help platform is a cost on its own, our cost is for developing guides, help center, and other training resources in it.

Once you have the right plan from the help platform and have worked t integrate it with them and your developers, there's a lot involved in planning, mapping, designing, and developing. The complexity of your app and the support needed determines the cost. It takes time to get things right and do a great job, right?

You can estimate that basic in-app support could start at $10,000 and go anywhere from $50,000 and up.

Do you integrate the help platform into my application?

This is not something we do, that's between the help platform and your developers. We're not IT but rather experts in developing training for your users.

Once the help application is integrated into your application, that's when we take over and work with you to create the best darn in-app training available.

Do I own the in-app support?

You do as much as you can. We're simply administrators in your system. Pendo or another platform will work with you to integrate the system into your application. Once fully integrated and ready to go, we take it from there to work with you on training.

You will always remain in control of the platform login if you pay for it. It's all hosted on another server and platform, though, so there are no source files or ways to easily export it to another platform.

What if I need to make changes to the course?

We're always available to make any updates you need on any guide, help center, or whatever. But, since you own the help platform, you can also make any changes you'd like.

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Integrate Pendo

The first place to start with in-app help is to get a demo from Pendo. They can help you figure out the right plan and how to integrate it. Once you're all integrated with your software, we can work with you to roll out guides, walkthroughs, and a help center into your software.