Make Documents More Accessible Training Video Example

We developed this training video specifically so we could show you an example of some of our work in training video development. Most of our training is internal corporate training that belongs to the organization. Therefore, we developed something where we could be the subject matter expert (SME) as well as the developer.

You'll find the finished product that we developed for ourselves as well as the storyboard with an audio script. We didn't start with an outline since the topic is short and a single topic is covered. Our process for training videos doesn't typically include an outline since videos are best covering a single topic only unlike courses that cover multiple topics.

Watch this video that explains what alt text is and shows you how to add them to images in Microsoft Word.

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Making This Quick Training Video

We're not usually the subject matter expert but we followed a similar process that we normally would. Even though it's not a complex process, many still don't know about it. That's why we deemed it a helpful topic that we could also use as an example. Since we are experts in adding alt text to Microsoft Word, we got to work on a storyboard.

Here's our process for developing the short but effective training video:

  • It all started with a two-column table. One for on screen information/instructions and the other for narration.
  • Once the first draft of the storyboard was created we proofread it, read it aloud, and fine tuned it over time (time really does help).
  • Once we were satisfied with the storyboard, we recorded and edited the audio in house.
  • Then we began developing the video in our video application which involved finding intro music, creating an intro/outro, and figuring out all the visuals.
  • Nothing goes 100% as planned which is why we ended up adding a short section (underlined in the storyboard) added to check accessibility in Word.
  • With the video fully developed, it's time to watch it, rewatch it, and have others watch it also and make minor tweaks to perfect the video.
  • Finally it's time to publish the video to our various channels and create a thumbnail to along with it.
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See More Examples

You saw a great example of a training video that we developed just for you. We also design custom digital training solutions of many different types which you can see some of in our portfolio. If we don't have a public example, we'd love to show you more if you schedule a time for us to show you some of our example work.