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A person in a wheelchair at a cubicle working on a computer with text overlay "accessibility in company IT training."
Inclusive Technology Training: How to Ensure Corporate IT Training Accessibility
A collage of individual photos of diverse people with text overlay "does DEI belong in corporate technical training?"
Does It Make Sense to Integrate DEI into Corporate Technical Training or Should It Always Be Separate?
A man sitting in a dark room staring at a computer with the text overlay "make Microsoft Word documents accessible" overlaid and a Word logo.
Make Your Word Documents Highly Accessible With These 12 Tasks
A massive book being opened with text overlaid "No User Guides Please."
User Guides Fall Short for Training Employees on Software
Image of painted rocks with different faced painted on them and text overlay "Needs Analysis Limitations"
Needs Analysis Is Needed but It Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Tell You Everything
How To Check If Training Documents & PDFs Are Accessible
How To Check If Documents & PDFs Are Accessible
Ways To Help Make eLearning Courses More Accessible To Everyone
Ways To Help Make eLearning Courses More Accessible To Everyone
Adding Alternative Text to MS Word or Google Docs
Make Performance Support More Accessible by Adding Alternate Text to Images in Word and Google Docs
How To Create Subtitles For Training Videos & Import Them Into Video Platforms
How To Create Subtitles for Training Videos and Import Them into Video Hosting Platforms
Subtitles For Videos
Provide Video Subtitles in Your Training Videos to Benefit Everyone

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