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A woman sticking a yellow sticky note on a wall organizing a project.
7 Tips for Overcoming Instructional Design Timeline Hurdles
Man sitting in public workspace on a laptop looking aggravated with hand to head with text overlayed "not trained well" and "grrrrr."
The Hidden Costs of Inadequate Corporate Software Training in Your Organization
A bunch of question marks.
Good Decisions Require More Information, So Ask More Questions
Beautiful orange-pink sunset behind silhouette street sign with many directions and text overlay "Final Decision."
Instructional Designers Are The Experts In Instructional Design But Clients Make The Final Call
Image of painted rocks with different faced painted on them and text overlay "Needs Analysis Limitations"
Needs Analysis Is Needed but It Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Tell You Everything
How Long Should A Self-Paced Course Be?
How Long Should a Self-Paced Course Be?
Nothing Is Important If Everything Is Important
Nothing Is Important If Everything Is Important
We save an organization thousands every year by converting vILT into eLearning.
How We Saved an Organization Thousands by Converting Virtual Instructor-Led Training Into eLearning
Training Employees For IT Systems Should Focus On Performance
Training Employees for Technology Should Be Performance-Focused
Training is an Essential Part of IT Project Change Management
Why Training Is An Essential Part of Change Management For Technology Projects

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